How to Exfoliate the Right Way (for Your Healthiest Skin Ever!)

Don’t let the “acid” part of their names scare you. AHAs and BHAs can be gentler on your skin than the best facial cleanser. We’ll explain how. Clients are often amazed by what exfoliation can do. Just one application of the right exfoliate can turn their dry skin patches into lustrous, silky-smooth skin. Moreover, it happens right away.

I’ve found an easy way to test to exfoliate and show the proof of its value. Once you have seen the proof, you will realise why exfoliating is so important for your appearance.

I usually demonstrate this on elbows. Elbows are prone to have dry skin, and they are easy to work with. So I invite people to try to exfoliate on the dry skin patches on their elbows and see what happens. After a minute, when their dry, scratchy skin becomes smooth and soft, they get the picture.

How does it work so well?

When the skin is dry, it is less able to slough off dead cells. The dead cells build up and give the skin a dull, lifeless look. Gaps between them cause roughness and can cause the skin to crack and weaken, opening the door to bacteria and more problems. The right exfoliate can take care of all these issues. It will:

  • remove dead cells from the surface of the skin
  • stimulate circulation at deeper levels
  • clear bacteria and reduce eruptions
  • replenish natural oils
  • rebuild the moisture barrier
  • leave the skin smooth, lustrous, and glowing

Of course, not all exfoliates created equal. The results I get are with an all-natural product that combines:

  • gentle abrading
  • antiseptic / anti-bacterial action
  • moisturizing emollients

I have found that ultra-fine, powdery salts, mixed with organic emollients, give the best results. They have just the right texture to get the job done. They remove dead cells, and naturally disinfect and smooth the skin. Their carrier oils nourish and moisturise the exposed deeper layers of skin and further smooth its surface. That is why exfoliating with the best exfoliator is both a marvellous workout and a nourishing meal for the skin.

If you happen to have dry skin on your elbows, you can do my simple test, right in the store, using a sample jar. If your dry skin becomes smooth and silky after 30 seconds of gentle exfoliating, then you have found a product that will most likely work for you. Anything less than this result, and you would do better to keep on looking.

To conclude:

If you have dry skin, you want every product you put on your skin to pull in the same, moisturising direction. My natural exfoliate does just that. I recommend you exfoliate with it at least once a week; twice a week is about right for my skin.

Combined with the daily use of a rich, organic moisturiser it can restore your skin’s natural beauty, and keep it lustrous and alive, no matter how dry it might be today – just like my clients’ elbows get the best exfoliator!

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How Facial Cleansers Prevent Dryness in Winter

Facial cleansers

Ever notice that your skin gets dry and irritated easily once winter hits. Well don’t worry; it happens to most people living in cold climates. But what these people don’t know is that their dry skin can be treated with the best facial cleansers that are designed to protect dryness and irritation. Facial cleansers will help prevent dryness and irritation because they provide a protection shield to strengthen your skin. Three ways in particular that facial cleansers will help your skin fight against dryness and irritation is time, SPF, and applying the cleanser two times a day.

The key to preventing dryness and irritation during the winter is time. Using a product of this type before winter starts will make your skin much tougher and less prone to any skin problem caused by cold air. The best way to prevent against dryness is to start using these products immediately after the first official day of fall. Even though it still may be relatively warm out, it can never hurt to protect your skin using dryness prevention facial cleansers.

Time can only help in this situation and will not cause any bad side effects. Using facial cleansers months before winter actually hits will allow your skin to become thicker and stronger while building protection against possible irritation. It will also enable your skin to form a tough shield that protects against cold air.
Another key component of protecting against winter dryness and irritation is using the best facial cleansers that contain SPF.

Facial cleansers that include sun blockage in their makeup are 66% more successful protecting against winter dryness than facial cleansers lacking any SPF. The facial cleanser doesn’t need a high percentage of SPF in order to protect and prevent against dryness, it just needs a small amount of SPF to do the job. Research has shown that facial cleansers with SPF create a shield around one’s skin that keeps it moisturized, balanced, and overall protected against the dry winter air. The sun blockage also supports the skin and maintains its healthy, vibrant look it has during the summer months. Checkout more detailed information on their official website.

The last important tip to prevent skin irritation during the winter months is to apply the best facial cleanser twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Using facial cleansers twice a day will give your skin a 58% better chance of preventing any dryness and breakouts caused by the cold. It will also give your skin a fresh, soft, and smooth look that everyone longs for. The size of a dime will do the trick when applying facial cleanser twice a day; more than that will leave your skin feeling greasy and oily. Using facial cleanser in the morning will give your skin more protection when facing the winter cold and using the cleanser at night will moisturize the skin and replenish it to its natural balance.

Facial cleansers

The woman is washing her face.

Skin dryness and irritation are common side effects of the cold winter air that everyone tries to avoid. Although it may be tough to do, some cleansers have proven to protect one’s skin against these types of problems. Using facial cleansers before the winter begins will give your skin an advantage and make it less likely to break out once the cold hits. The best facial cleansers that contain SPF will also help protect against dryness and irritation that is caused by the dry, winter air. Lastly, applying facial cleanser twice a day will give your skin the best results in protecting against irritations. If these three facial cleanser guidelines are used, your chances of experiencing any skin problems that normally occur during the winter will decrease, if not be eliminated completely.Learn more details at

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Facial Cleansers – Not All Created Equal

Easiest Tips to Wash Women Face

Have you ever noticed just how many skin care companies there are in the world. A simple search on the Internet for wrinkle creams, facial moisturizers or even best facial cleansers will pull up a list of companies and products so extensive, you can barely make any sense of it. But what separates one company from the next or one facial cleanser from the others? In years past, a facial cleanser was pretty much a facial cleanser no matter where you purchased it from, but this is no longer the case. The author examines the latest advancements in the world of best facial cleansers and just what separates the leading brands from the rest.Visit my latest blog posted at

Facial cleansers used to be formulated for the sole purpose of removing makeup, excess oils and dirt and perhaps moisturizing the skin, but today they all do that, plus much more. The best facial cleansers have proven to be a crucial aspect to the daily skin care routines of people everywhere, especially those focused on maintaining or rekindling their youthful looking skin. These facial cleansers today not only cleanse, but they treat the skin therapeutically. But how does a consumer know which product does which and what separates the best facial cleansers from the outdated ones.

When it comes to any skin care product the proof is always in the ingredients. A facial cleanser should have a few specific ingredients that will signify its quality. The first of which is a chamomile extract. This is a calming, soothing ingredient that acts as an anti-inflammatory, this reduces redness, discoloration and leaves the skin soothed and restored. Another ingredient to look for is Olive Leaf Extract, this all natural astringent will deeply cleanse and clean away toxins and bacteria that can lead to acne and other unsightly breakouts of the skin.

There will be a bunch of moisturizing ingredients in these cleansers but look for names you know like Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, they will be the best at getting the job done, from a moisture standpoint. But there is one final ingredient that your therapeutic facial cleansers should have to ensure it is of the highest quality. That ingredient is Tangerine Oil. This oil promotes new skin cell growth, the production of collagen but most importantly it allows for deeper penetration and absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

This allows the best facial cleanser to be used in the am prior to the daily skin care routine, but each product that consumers use after the therapeutic facial cleanser becomes instantly more effective. The ingredients of each product in your routine penetrate deeper into the skin, making this facial cleanser the most important part of the routine. The goal in all skin care is to have the ingredients take effect on the skin. Well the use of the leading facial cleansers will allow this to happen much more efficiently.

Easiest Tips to Wash Women Face

The use of facial cleansers is fairly widespread and they are used by people in all stages of life. Their primary goal or function is to cleanse deep into the skin removing excess oils or dirt and protecting the skin from the harsh realities of the environment. But when the best facial cleanser can enhance every aspect of your skin care routine, that cleanser has gone above and beyond expectations. Get related information straight from the source.

It is that difference that separates the leading facial cleansers from the outdated ones of our not too distant past. Start your search for therapeutic facial cleansers by looking at ingredients, if you find what you are looking for there, chances are you have found the best facial cleanser for you.

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Facial Cleansers – Important Things to Know

skin care

With all the different types and brands of best facial cleansers on the market, it may be difficult to choose which ones are the best for you to use. Different companies will produce different kinds of facial cleansers and you have to choose the best one for you. With all the different choices, it is difficult to even know where to start. There are the ingredients to take into account, your skin type, what you specifically need the best facial cleanser for, as well as many other factors.

You must be wary of the cleansers that are bad for your skin and know which ones are the best for your skin. You may end up doing a lot of research looking for the right cleanser. In the following article, we will review some important information to keep in mind when you are shopping for the best facial cleanser.

Many of the top facial cleansers can be identified by looking for certain features of a product. A good facial cleansing product will be suitable for use for any type of skin. All natural ingredients will also be included in the best facial cleansers. Any man-made, chemical ingredients should be avoided. There are a myriad of different man-made chemicals that have been linked to various different kinds of cancers. Thankfully, many facial cleansers are now being made with all-natural ingredients due to this factor.

All natural ingredients work the best with our skin, so we should try to use products that are chiefly all natural. If the product gives a complete cleanse of the skin, it will more than likely be a good product. Any product that you are not seeing results with should not be used. Of course, it is not a good idea to keep changing facial cleansers and other treatments as this may cause further irritation of your skin.

A top facial cleanser will be able to prevent further damaging and rebuild skin cells. Rebuilding the skin is very important, especially if you are using any other skin care product like an anti-aging regimen. Macadamia oil is a good ingredient to look for when choosing a facial cleanser. Macadamia oil is easily absorbed by the skin and can help to protect the skin cells from the aging process.

skin care

Antioxidants are wise to look for in a facial cleanser. Antioxidants will help in the prevention of further skin damage. A facial cleanser that is rich in antioxidants will help to restore and rejuvenate your skin. These antioxidants stimulates skin in a way that makes it work better than if the antioxidants were not present. Check this link for additional tips.

Ingredients that stimulate collagen growth are also good to keep an eye out for. However, you do not want a facial cleanser that has collagen in it. Collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin because the molecules are too large, therefore, it is useless. If you can find a cleanser that stimulates the growth of collagen, it is more than likely a good choice. Your skin will be affected when collagen levels are decreased, so this is important to look for. Exfoliates should also be looked for. These will remove dirt and oil from the skin and pores. To exfoliate also works by removing dead skin cells from the surface of your more reviews at

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What is the Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies?

The fact that you landed on this page tells us that are trying to find the best air purifiers for your house to help with pet allergies.

However, did you know that not all air purifying units are the same and each one can’t purify the air from every type of toxin? If not, you’ll quickly learn everything necessary to make a informed purchasing decision for an air purifying device below.

Filter Type

This is  one of the most deciding factors you must think about when buying an air purifier. Just think about this: You have severe allergies or suffer from asthma and want to clean the air  so you don’t have asthma or allergy attacks due to your cats or dogs. So, you end up getting the most inexpensive unit you could find that had positive air purifier reviews. You  bring the unit home, plug it in and within a few hours you start to feel your symptoms bothering you.

How can this be? The device was supposed to help you feel better not produce more problems! You see, in this example the air purifier used a technology called an “Ionic Generator.” Often this unit also goes by the name “Ionizer” or “Ionic air purifier.” Ionizers work by filtering the air in the room by emitting negatively charged ions into the airspace that latch onto positive particles, including bacteria, pollen, mold spores, etc.

Eventually, too many negative electrons cling to the toxins, making them fall to the ground. However, these negatively charged ions cause breathing problems for anyone who suffers from asthma. This stops the pollutants from entering into your lungs. However, with this type of purifier you have to vacuum weekly to remove the contaminants for good. This type of air purifier actually causes your asthmatic symptoms to get worse! This little bit of information would have kept you healthy.

If you have asthma or pet allergies you want a particular air purification unit.

The best air purifiers that fit this classification are HEPA grade units. You can find the best air purifier for pets and allergies here. If  you are not an asthmatic, feel free to get an Ionic generator because these are usually the cheapest choice.

A HEPA type air purifier is the optimal choice for a person suffers from asthma and/or allergies It’s well liked because it actually is equipped with a physical filter to trap harmful particles. They get such an outstanding rating because these are certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 microns in size. This includes asthma and allergy inducers such as some bacteria, pollen and pet dander.If you want the best type of air purifier that truly purifies the air to the fullest, make sure to buy a unit that uses this type of filter. The only concern with these units are that they are usually more expensive than Ionizers.

When buying an air purifier  you should also consider getting a unit that features Activated Carbon Pre-Filter. This is the only filtering type that can get rid of smells (from pets, cooking or chemicals). Neither a Ionic purifier nor a HEPA grade filter alone can do any good to remove these types of odors and smells. They just are not built to clean air in this way. Instead, a Carbon Filter is equipped with very absorbent material that can soak up any smells or odors produced by gas, smoke or chemicals. If you are trying to achieve the freshest smelling house or business, be sure to get a device with this filter type.

If you’re interested in learning how to build your own air purifier take a look at the video below. IT shows you step by step and it only costs $25!

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